Clean Care of New England

Network and System Upgrade

The Challenge

The backend infrastructure at Clean Care needs an overhau l. This is the original server
configuration. “Server Configuration” refers to the number of servers and software running
on them. It does not mean the physical server is original, it means the virtual server.

The Small Business Server® 2003 operating system was insta lled on May 8, of 2008. That
makes the installation 7 years old . It is based on a very old 32-bit operating system that is
limited to 3.SGB of RAM and is also a single server solution. The Small Business Server®
does everything (Xactimate®, JPP, QuickBooks, Email, File Sharing and User

The Exchange Server 2003 ®, which is the ma il server is end -of-life. The operating system
that is used in Smal l Business Server® is Windows Server 2003 ® is end-of-life. Both
products are no longer supported by Microsoft®. In today’s world, all servers are 64-bit.
It gives access to more RAM, beyond the 3.SGB limit of 32-bit systems.

The single Small Business Server 2003 ® server runs the entire company. The functions
fulfilled by this server need to be spread out. A single virtual server hands all requests for
Xactimate®, for JPP®, for QuickBooks ®, Ema il as well as fi le server requests for photos
and files, etc…

The Solution

A high performance replacement server would enable the easy separation of services from
the single Small Business Server 2003 ®. The goal would be to separate services to improve
response time. Each server has separate resources and is bound to a separate network
interface in the server, so performance is increased. With the current server, a single server
is responding to all requests for all services. That is why performance at times is poor.

Currently data is disorganized on the server. The data will be reorganized and a new
structure that will be focused on a LOSS ADDRESS methodology will be created. This data
will be available to all estimators and operational personal with computers. These folders
are for the storage of data that is not contained within Xactimate® or JPP® .

A dedicated Exchange Server® 2013 will be deployed. Email is critical to Clean Care and
its reliability has always been an issue. Exchange Server® 2013 is the newest and best
email server solution offered by Microsoft®. It is the standard in the industry. All email
wi ll be migrated from the old Exchange 2003 ® server.

Email SPAM fi lter and Compliancy will be handled by an off-site cloud based solution.
Currently email is being filtered on premise via Websense®. This will be removed. By
moving the email fi ltering into the cloud not only will the amount of Spam be reduced, but
email will still be accessible in the event the Internet connection or server is offline at
Cranston location of Clean Care. All email is also audited and compliance archive can be
configured to provide the “go back and see” ability for past emails.

The best product in the industry, veeam ®, wil l be used to facilitate off-site backups of
COMPLETE systems. Previously, only data was being pushed off-site. The recovery of a
complete facility loss would be extensive if ONLY data was available from a backup. With
complete system backups, the ENTIRE server can be recovered quickly and efficiently.
veeam® and vmware® are designed to work together to provide a COMPLETE backup
and recovery solution.

Competencies Utilized


VMware ESXi 5.5 Installation, setup and configuration.

Virtual machine creation and configuration.


Windows Server 2012 R2 installation and configuration.

Exchange™ Server 2013 installation and configuration.


Configured to facilitate complete in-house system backups.

Configured to facilitate complete system off-site backups.







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