Taunton Housing

Server Installation and Virtualization

The Challenge

The 30 Olney Street location of Taunton Housing contained a server room which housed the core elements of a Windows® based network infrastructure. Corporate email, a large scale web application, and company
documents were all hosted on the infrastructure. The Windows® 2003 active directory based domain provided authentication and file sharing services to over 30 users spread across three locations.

The housing authority had recently purchased a new Dell® PowerEdge T610 server, but had yet to deploy this hardware and at the same time was unsure as to the best way to integrate this new hardware into the existing infrastructure. The initial request from the client was to deploy the new server in a traditional manner, where the new server would run a non-virtualized single version of the Windows® server operating system and fulfill a role within the overall network.

TechCentric was consulted and provided insight into a better way to integrate the new system and suggested virtualization using a virtualization platform offered by VMware®. A breakdown of the overall solution was drafted and presented to management.

The Solution

VMware® ESXi was used to create an efficient virtualization platform. vmware® was installed on the new Dell PowerEdge T610 server. Existing servers, including a file server, and web application server were converted to identical virtual representations and ported to the new Dell PowerEdge T61O server under vmware®. This enabled the older hardware to be removed from the network and resulted in a reduced physical server count and points of failure were reduced.

The entire server room was also disassembled and rewired. All networking equipment was labeled as well. Issues with the nightly backup were resolved and other aspects of the network were optimized and cleaned up, including all pending Windows Updates. Non-essential software was uninstalled from servers
as well.

Websense ™ Email Security was also installed to provide improved management for SPAM and email compliance.

Competencies Utilized


VMware ESXi 5.1 and 5.5 Installation, setup and configuration.

Physical to virtua l conversion (P2V) of existing servers using vmware converter.

Virtual machine creation and configuration.


Small Business™ Server 2011 installation and configuration.

Exchange™ Server 2010 installation and configuration.

Active Directory 2008, 40 Users and computers creating a domain.


Created a multi-site VPN for 8 store locations using dedicated Internet connection and routing devices over IP sec.

Assisting Technologies

Multi-Function Devices, Push Scanning
Networked Faxing
Websense® Email Security
On-Demand VPN for Mobile Workers






Assisting Technologies

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