“Team Building” exercises

On Friday, November 6th, TechCentric held “Team Building” exercises between our Providence and Connecticut offices. The day consisted of games, laughs, and great food. The offices met early Friday morning at a lake house in Massachusetts to begin the day.



The exercises were performed to increase the relationship between both offices, as both offices only see each other a handful of times throughout the year. Of the exercises performed, the biggest hit had to be Hollywood Squares, a classic. TechCentric’s Peter O’Hara and John Malley of Integration, Inc. battled it out in Hollywood Squares, and in the end, Peter came out on top.



After the “Team Building” exercises, lunch ensued. John Malley was the chef for the day, with help from Amy and Chrissy. They prepared steaks, baked potatoes, and salad. The food was excellent, and everyone from both offices had a great time.

From TechCentric, we look forward to meeting with our Connecticut office in the near future.