Like WordCamp Boston, WordCamp Rhode Island is an event that focuses on “everything WordPress”. It is a two day event, which is broken up into sessions, which are also organized by category. The categories consisted of; Beginner, Developer, and Business. The event is great for those looking to create a foundation in WordPress, up to those with advanced skills. It can also help Businesses in their search to better their web presence.

You can read more about WordCamp Rhode Island by clicking here.

The Event

WordCamp Rhode Island 2015

TechCentric’s Peter O’Hara and David Shoemaker attended both days of WordCamp Rhode Island. The first day was more of hands on teaching sessions, and the second was more presentation based learning.

The first days sessions were a bit longer, due to them being hands on, but a lot was learned. It took place in a classroom environment, and was meant for attendees to follow along with the presenters.

The second day was a bit more conventional, and was like both days at WordCamp Boston. The sessions were much shorter than the first, but there was the possibility to learn snippets from more than one topic.