Industry Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge of how computers work is simply not enough.  Partnering with a managed service provider that knows your line of business is essential.  This impactful difference results in insightful solutions that apply technology effectively within a respective business setting.  Matching technical skills with industry details helps yield benefits including elevated customer service levels, improved efficiency, and better security.


Use modern technologies to expand service reach and the social impact of your organization.  TechCentric has worked closely with countless non-profit institutions and understands the people and culture common amongst them.  We creatively innovate and support solutions that enable the better connection of people and community.


Make the right choice with an MSP that knows how to navigate HIPPA requirements and safeguard patient assets.  In addition, we leverage overall IT knowledge and experience to connect and support our clients with third-party EMR systems, remote offices, and even mobile medical facilities.


Enhance the consumer experience using the latest in industry focused technology solutions to separate your brand and help create a competitive edge.  We are well seated within the hospitality industry, supporting distributed POS systems, payment integration, advanced integrated Wi-Fi solutions, door access, and digital surveillance solutions.  Choose an MSP that knows how to apply technology.


Streamline your law practice and update the technology that flows within it.  Leverage the countless benefits of a modern working environment.  Optimize business process using current case management software, cloud storage, and thin-client computing.


Properly applied technology can change the pace of a production cycle.  We regularly assist clients within the manufacturing industry.  Support and integration of ERP software, CAD/CAM, and advanced network-aware machinery are just a few examples.   We focus on helping multi-location production entities run optimally, reliably, and within a security compliant environment.


Our team regularly supports the financial sector, understanding the web technologies primarily used within it.  From cloud-hosted core business applications and secure email communications to encrypted mobile devices and compliance audits, we are experienced within all of the technology elements comprising the financial industry. 

IT Support


With a long and experienced history with have a variety of knowledge that prepares us for technicial needs.

IT Support


Only experienced consultants and engineers provide expert guidance

IT Support


We develop start-to-finish that solves your problem and exceeds your needs.

Legal Industry Highlight

Modernizing Case Management

TechCentric has a long history of working alongside law firms of all sizes. With this experience, we are well-versed in many leading case management applications and associated technologies. In addition, we optimally apply technology, streamline internal processes, and extend applications and data to empower today’s mobile workforce. All of this helps better our legal clients and elevate firm performance.

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