CUSTOM Data and Application Integration

Data Driven Decision Making

For many organizations, data is an untapped resource.  The challenge is data is often trapped within distributed applications.  When data from one application would benefit to another, often the connective pathway is not there.

Our software engineers specialize in connecting dispersed applications and associated data.  We do it all, from integrating typical applications, including QuickBooks and Salesforce, to mining data from custom legacy ERP applications.  We create custom components that add functionality and streamline processes, allowing new outcomes and data analysis.

Add a customizable dashboard with valuable key performance indicators (KPI) to your analytical portfolio using data previously inaccessible.  With our extensive software engineering knowledge, we make the impossible possible.

Our Engineers Know

.NET Development

With over 30-years of software development expertise, we bring ideas to life.  We engineer and develop customize solutions using the amazing capabilities of the Microsoft .NET platform.  Both web and desktop, we customize “success.” 

Database Reverse Engineering

We add functionality and value to existing applications by creating non-intrusive custom extensions.  If you wished your core application did that “thing”, we can make it a reality.

Web and Rest API

Get more out of your data.  Creating secure and functional data endpoints, we offer connectivity and processing solutions that empower data analytics and drive people and process.  The possibilities are virtually endless.

Custom Automation

Embrace custom automation to shorten outcome times, improve accuracy, and reduce the reliance on the human element of many processes.  For years we have designed and deployed software driven automation systems within a variety of industries.  Do more with less.  

IT Support


We see optimization opportunities that others do not.  We excel in the skill of pairing of technology with process.

IT Support


Let us help in the discovery of hidden capacities within current software and create that “missing piece.”

IT Support


Everything we create is designed and implemented with both stability and performance at the forefront.

Custom Data-Interfaces

The measure of value within technology is not how flashy or marketable it is, it is within the utility value it provides to day-to-day operations.  This is were a designed custom data-interface pays dividends.  Having a custom-made data-interface will allow you to prioritze the data that drastically impacts your business; gather important data, computer and analzye, and implement solutions, all thanks to a custom data-interface.

Some of the key features of a custom data-interfaced are:

  • Data Definition
  • Data Retrieval
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Sharing
  • Control of Management

A custom data-interfaced are versatile, and can meet your business’s needs.  Have TechCentric on your side to meet those needs.

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SQL Server
Power BI