Data and Application Integration

Data Driven Decision Making

For many organizations, data is an untapped resource.  The problem is data is often trapped within distributed applications.  When the data from one application would be a benefit to another, that path between the two is not there.

Our skilled software engineers specialize in connecting dispersed applications and associated data.  We do it all, from integrating typical applications, including QuickBooks and Salesforce, to custom legacy ERP applications.  We create custom solutions that add functionality and streamline existing processes, allowing previously impossible outcomes.

Even a customizable dashboard with valuable key performance indicators (KPI) become a reality.  With our custom integration solutions, we make the impossible possible.

Our Engineers Know

.NET Development

Having over 25-years of experience in the field, and have built several databases, TechCentric is more than able to handle any data and process integration project you have.

Database Reverse Engineering

When it comes to our data and process integration services, we add no extra fluff.  This ensures the best performance for your data processing and computation.

Web and Rest API

We understand your data is important for your business operations.  Protect your business’s data with the best security parameters backed by the federal government’s security standards.

Custom Automation

Each project begins with an identification stage that allows us to understand your needs, so we can develop a database that not only meets your needs but satisfies your wants as well.

IT Support


Our databases are meant to handle your operations, feel safe knowing that your data is always accessible.

IT Support


Each project is compliant to federal and other organizational standards of cybersecurity.

IT Support


We approach each problem individually, providing the best solution for each customer.

Custom Data-Interfaces

The true test of any technology is not how flashy or marketable it is, it’s how applicable it is to day-to-day operations, this is were a custom data-interface comes in. Having a custom-made data-interface will allow you to prioritze the data that drastically impacts your business; gather important data, computer and analzye, and implement solutions, all thanks to a custom data-interface.

Some of the key features of a custom data-interfaced are:

  • Data Definition
  • Data Retrieval
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Sharing
  • Control of Management

A custom data-interfaced are versatile, and can meet your business’s needs.  Have TechCentric on your side to meet those needs.

.NET Core
Visual Studio
SQL Server
Power BI