Networking and Connectivity

Performance, Reliability, and Security

Having a powerful network is the basic building block of any modern business.  Having over two decades in the field, TechCentric is available to design a portfolio of network-based solutions that will suit your businesses’ specific needs.  All our network solutions promote better performance, this means the best speeds, strong connectivity, and constant consistency for everyone in your team.

With TechCentric on your side, know that you are good hands.  All our networks are not only powerful, but they are secure and flexible.  Using technologies such as VPN’s, feel safe knowing that you, and your team are the only ones on your own private, protected network.  Our networks are available to be connected securely on the go, so you’re able to take your work on-the-go.

TechCentric is able to swiftly deploy and install network technologies, so you don’t have to sacrifice precious office hours.

Your network doesn’t end at the office, as the world begins to work remotely protecting your employees’ online presence is more important than it ever has been.  Equip them with secure VPN’s and powerful networks to promote that same high-quality work outside of the office.  Establish a series of rules on your network that allows for specific endpoints, and protection from shady sites.

Trust TechCentric to protect your remote work employees as they connect outside the office.

We Build Better Networks


With years of experience, we know the best strategies and procedures to ensure your business has a fast and consistent network from any part of the building.


We know what works.  We build networks that will be lighting fast, always consistent, and powerful wherever you are in the building.


Our network experts have several years of experience developing secure networks that ensure protected connections to a local network, the internet, or anything else.


Having a well-maintained network is one thing but having a network that is able to constantly run with no dips in speed or connection is a game changer.

IT Support


Knowing what works, we build speed into every network design

IT Support


Implementing “always on” solutions that are fault tolerant and prevent downtime

IT Support


With over 20 years of experience, we build secure networks and keep them that way

Site-to-Site VPN

What is a Site-to-Site VPN?  A Site-to-Site virtual private network is a connection between two endpoints or networks.  This can be a connection between a home office, and a separate branch office.  Organizations use Site-to-Site VPN to have secure internet connections for private traffic on a corporate network.  This promotes a secure connection for remotes offices, or at home workers to a private network.

What are the benefits of a Site-to-Site VPN?

  • Provide remote workers a secure connection a company cloud or data center.
  • Identify Users, Software, and Devices from any place.
  • Simplify cloud or network infrastructure for ease of use.
  • Apply secures procedures and policies to protect end-users.

On-Demand VPN

On-Demand VPN lets mobile devices or remote desktops to connect a private and secure VPN connection on as-need basis.  Your business can set a series of specifically defined rules for users to connect under special parameters to secure your network.

An On-Demand VPN is perfect for users who on the road or at home working remotely.  They will be able to connect to your company’s network, accessing software, data, and other users all in a secure manner.

What are the benefits of On-Demand VPN?

  • Secure Connectivity
  • Direct Control of those on and off the Network
  • Remote Connection of Cloud from Anyplace
  • Easy to Connect and Simple to Use


Wi-Fi is a wireless network connection that allows computers, smartphones, and other devices to connect to the internet and use any software available on the internet in an office space or other space.  As the modern world requires more and more facilities on the internet, having a secure, powerful connection with great coverage across your business is vital for your business to thrive in the modern world.

What are the benefits of a Wi-Fi?

  • Secure Connection to the Internet from your computer.
  • Unified SSD, or control over wired and wireless connection from one place.
  • Excellent coverage from anywhere in the office.
  • Custom and Integrated captive portal capabilities.