Move Your Business to the Cloud.

Gain the power to ask yourself – where do I want to work from today?

Paperless Office 

How can the Cloud Benefit You?

Develop an easy-to-use cloud-based infrastructure to create documents, send emails, and store important files.

Skip the Office

Build a distributed workforce spanning virtually an unlimited landscape.  A cloud-hosted infrastructure provides complete flexibility.

Get Compliant

Encrypted email communications, multifactor authentication, and centrally audited data access are all standards features within the cloud.

Know the Score

Easily track productivity and know who is doing what and when.  The centralized characteristics of the cloud make it easy to monitor,track and report on activities.

Always “On”

Enjoy a level of system availability only the cloud can offer.  With just an Internet connection, you immediately gain access to applications and data.

Get a free assessment of your infrastructure.

Migration to the cloud is easier than you may think.  Speak with a migration specialist today.

No Functional Limits. Print and Scan just like you do now.

We know how business works.  Our skilled migration teams ensures you don’t take any steps backwards.  Multifunction printers and personalized scanners will continue to function within a new cloud-hosted infrastructure

Never Lose A Thing. Backup is automatic.

Never worry about backing up your data again.  Cloud storage backups are automatic and recovery of data is fast and easy.  A benefit that offers you more time to focus on your business.

Sharing is more than just caring.

The largest cost saving of the cloud is centralized application sharing and management.  Applications are installed once and shared by all users.  Because of this, applications are more easily supported, updated, and maintained.