Financial Industry

The Solutions We Offer

Cloud-Based Technologies

Take your work with you, be it the office or remote.  Using modern technologies move your software and tools to the cloud allowing you to work securely.  All data will be encrypted and backed-up by federal level security parameters.

Teams and Collaboration

We design and implement video conferencing, messaging, and IP Telephony solutions that perform.  Partnering with leaders including Zoom and Microsoft, we deliver properly configured and optimized collaboration solutions that work as they were intended.

Paperless Office

Levering our knowledge of networks and the inner workings of multi-function print/copy/scan equipment we add value through better connectivity of these devices that yields improved usability and productivity.

Modern Workplace

With a larger remote workforce, understanding the contributions of offsite labor is essential.  We offer unique technology that delivers visual performance indicators focused on common tasks individual perform daily.

Cloud-Based Technologies

We understand that each financial firm has different needs because they service different customers.  Choose TechCentric to levitate the technical burden of finance, so you can focusing on providing the best service for your customers.

Either it be in-house accounting, or managing an investment portfolio there is a corresponding software that can help you manage and act in accordance to regulation.  We have years of experience choosing the best software for specific needs.

We make it easy and clear to understand our pricing models, so your finances can be as strong as your clients.

Have access to our technicians who are always more than ready to assist you and your team on any confusion you may have.

24 / 7 Access

We intergrate your software to the cloud for access anytime, anyplace.

Organization Streamlined

We develop a cloud-based infastructure that allows you and your team to organize files, and projects all in one place

Less Paperwork

Our technicians install cloud document creation tools, so you can focus on creating.

Teams and Collaboration

Communication is key to having a healthy workplace, using the newest technologies better connect your team than ever before.

As the world becomes more and more remote, teach and understand the best communication and collaboration tools to you and your team.  Use Video Meeting technology to communicate to your team face-to-face, share screens with your team so they better understand your ideas, and quickly message others using direct message features.  Share files between you and other co-workers easily, for better collaboration.

All of these softwares are ease-to-use and are easily installed on any computer or mobile device, stay in touch wherever you go.

Modern Phone System

We bring modern cloud telephony to any size organization, providing more functionality, flexibility, and control over all voice communications.

Video Conferencing

An essential element of the “new normal”, we make video conferencing technology work consistently and reliability.

True Collaboration

Let us help unify your workforce in ways never before possible.  We help select the right platform and blend it seamlessly into your organization.

Paperless Office

As the world continues to move towards the online medium, being up-to-date on the best technologies is important to run your best business.  Using the newest technologies, you and your team can start projects and make documents faster, cleaner, better.

Moving to the cloud to store data can be a nerve-wracking thought.  Feel safe knowing that TechCentric is knowledgeable and experienced with secure and well developed cloud infrastructure, and is able to back-up all data on your cloud.

Have TechCentric on your side to learn and understand the idea of the paperless office.

Document Imaging

Using specialized technology, we bring the power of scanning to any employee anywhere.  Local or remote, we enhance document flow and management.

Secure Emails

Large or small we implement solutions that offer secure email transactions with a few clicks of the mouse.  We know what works and how to implement it.

Cloud Storage

Get secure access to documents when and how you need it.  We match accessibility solutions with client needs, resulting in flexible, yet secure digital document access from anywhere.

Modern Workplace

A modern workplace is a new way of strengthening employees by giving them to best and up-to-date technologies to promote productivity, flexibility, and teamwork.  Allow your employees to work from a wide variety of environments; office, remote, or on-the-road.  Use cloud-based solutions to store, create, and share files and data to lower your cost of paper and office supplies.  Give your employees the best tools and services, to promote success for your business.

Productive Workspaces

Working from home or in the office, we create workspaces that enhance productivity though the better connection of human and technology.

Distributed Office

Physically dispersed employees present many logistical challenges.  We employ technology and expertise to foster functional unification of people and process, to minimize the impact of on the service quality of organizations.

Connect on Demand

Offering mobile employees, the ability to work securely from an unlimited collection of entry points.  We implement secure on-demand VPN solutions that open the door to corporate applications and data, while maintaining industry compliant security standards.