Healthcare Industry

The Solutions We Offer

Teams and Collaboration

We design and implement video conferencing, messaging, and IP Telephony solutions that perform.  Partnering with leaders including Zoom and Microsoft, we deliver properly configured and optimized collaboration solutions that work as they were intended.

Cloud-Based Technologies

Take your work with you, be it the office or remote.  Using modern technologies move your software and tools to the cloud allowing you to work securely.  All data will be encrypted and backed-up by federal level security parameters. 

Data Processing

Feel secure knowing that all our your important client data is backed-up on a cloud-based server.  All of our security parameters, follow federal and organizational guidelines such as HIPAA, CMMC, and NIST.


Unite your business model and new, modern technologies that synthesize greater rewards for you.  Have TechCentric help you navigate and integrate the best technologies for improved productivity, better client exposure, and clear communication for your business.

Teams and Collaboration

Communication is key to having a healthy workplace, using the newest technologies better connect your team than ever before.

As the world becomes more and more remote, teach and understand the best communication and collaboration tools to you and your team.  Use Video Meeting technology to communicate to your team face-to-face, share screens with your team so they better understand your ideas, and quickly message others using direct message features.  Share files between you and other co-workers easily, for better collaboration. 

All of these softwares are ease-to-use and are easily installed on any computer or mobile device, stay in touch wherever you go. 

Modern Phone System

We bring modern cloud telephony to any size organization, providing more functionality, flexibility, and control over all voice communications.

Video Conferencing

An essential element of the “new normal”, we make video conferencing technology work consistently and reliability.

True Collaboration

Let us help unify your workforce in ways never before possible.  We help select the right platform and blend it seamlessly into your organization.

Cloud-Based Technologies

We understand that each practice has different needs because they service different customers.  Choose TechCentric to levitate the technical burden of healthcare, so you can focusing on providing the best service for your customers.

Cloud-Based Technologies are scalable, meaning that meet you needs if your an entire hospital or a private practice.  Our cloud based solutions are easy to use and navigate, so you always have your data where you need it.

Never feel overwhelmed, always have access to our technicians who are always more than ready to assist you and your team on any confusion you may have. 

24 / 7 Access

Be able to look at tasks from anytime, anywhere through an internet connection.

All in One Place

Cloud-Based Healthcare Technologies organizes your clients so they are all in one place.

Less Paperwork

Do more, with less.  Our Healthcare Technologies are cloud-based service all done on the computer.

Data Processing

If your a private practice or a district hospital, you have a lot of client data that not only needs to be backed-up, but needs to follow federal regulation.  We at TechCentric have a long history of experience and knowledge on developing secure databases.  All of our security parameters are in compliance with federal regulation such as HIPAA, NIST, and CMMC.

Our data processing services are custom-tailored around what your practice needs, so you can easily navigate your client data with a streamlined interface.


Our security parameters provide a through defense aganist cyber-attacks.


Easily back-up your data to the cloud from your computer to prevent lost of any client data.

HIPPA Compliant

Our security parameters are all compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Integration Services

Upgrading old hardware is important step for all businesses to take as the become more modern.  Choosing the right technology may be difficult with amount of options provided to consumers.  Have TechCentric navigate you through the weeds to choose the best solution for you. 

We install all technologies on-site, and are careful to keep spaces open and secure. This means no loose wires, or computers, we make a design map that makes sense with your office. 

Have access to our technicians to aid and assist your employees on all things IT.


We install electronic data interchange software, or EDI to securely send valuable data from one point to the next.

Third Party EDI

Our technicians will help you navigate the best EDI solution for your organization.

Secure Email Connections

We actively update your email and security parameters so that you can communicate in private, secure channels.

The Success We Have Delivered

We have a long history of helping similar practices using the same solutions discussed above.  Click the Case Studies below to learn more:

While CCAP meets the community’s medical and dental needs, TechCentric leviates the burden of communication, and collaboration through technology.

Focusing on the best patient care and community outreach is the goal of a physician, we service Doctor Estner by providing the best support that we offer.

TechCentric services Wood River Animal Hospital by providing the best and innovative information technology solutions.