What are Managed IT Services?

Having a dedicated team that meets not only your needs, but your standards.

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TechCentric’s Technicians provide several solutions for all problems.

We develop multiple unique and collaborative solutions to address to your IT issues, allowing you to have the best choice for your business.

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Let’s Start Your Next Project

Get in touch with one of our technicians to learn about the variety of services we provide.

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How can IT Support Benefit You?

Our team of experts are ready for any IT project thrown their way.  We work with your team to solve complex challenges that you are facing.  Gain valuable insight and build a roadmap to completion.

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Have tech assistance anytime, anyplace with our Managed IT Services and Professional IT Services.  Managed IT Services are done routinely, and Professional IT Services are larger periodic changes.

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Use the most modern technologies to host a network with constant uptime, no lag, and works in the entirety of your business.

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Secure all online aspects of your business with the best anti-virus protections.  Learn how to assess when you are under threat of cyber-attack or spam.

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We actively monitor your cloud services and network to prevent problems before they happen or solve them as they occur.

Protect Valuable Data by Developing a Secure Network

Keep your information between you and your employees, TechCentric can build you the best cyber-security defense according to NIST and CMMC standards.

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Promote Collaboration using Cloud-Based Services

Using Cloud Based Documentation Services, anyone can collaborate on any document, any project, anytime, anywhere.