IT Support

We Offer More

Onsite Service


Get onsite support without the wait.  We will make it happen for calls requiring onsite assistance and originating by 3 PM EST.  When you need us most, we are simply there.

Expert Remote Assistance


Delivering support quickly, our certified consultants are readily available to securely connect and provide direction to solve problems while you look on.  We can even assist when you not are not physically there, providing additional flexibility to choose what works best for you.

Quality Phone Support


You deserve an MSP that answers the phone.  We understand the importance of response, and our 24-7 support lines are in place to make sure any issue is resolved same-business-day. 

IT SUpport

We Deliver Quality

Rapid Response ~ Rapid Icon

Rapid Response

Our experienced technicians are always available to assist you, whether it’s on-site, remote, or over the phone, we give our all to grant you the best and smoothest IT experience.
Certified Professionals ~ Education Icon

Certified Professionals

All of our technicians go through rigorous training and testing before they begin to work with you.  We ensure that whoever you work with at TechCentric is a certified expert in all-things technology.

Clear Communication ~ Speech Icon

Clear Communication

We understand that ever-evolving world of technology can be difficult to navigate, and our technicians are ready to clearly guide you through any confusion.
Complete Resolution ~ Solution Icon

Complete Resolution

When a problem is brought to our attention, we brainstorm the best solutions to not only solve the issue now, but to prevent it in the future so it will not happen again.
IT Support

24/7/365 Support

Always ready, support when you need it, anytime, anyplace

IT Support

Rapid Response

Issues resolved quickly, offering same-day onsite service

IT Support

A Qualified Team

Only experienced consultants and engineers provide expert guidance


Why experienced consultants and engineers matter

The technology marketplace is filled with offering all claiming numerous benefits.  Our consultants and engineers separate the facts from the hype and skillfully navigate a sea of choice.  We believe successful technology integration is linked to the ability the better connection of “People,” “Process,” and “Technology.”

It is in this area we separate ourselves from the competition.

Identify and document key processes within an organization and the people that perform them.

Accurately identify areas of need, focusing on process optimization, quality elevation, and cost reduction.

Correctly selecting trusted technology with utility value aligned to meet defined goals.

Fully integrating technology solutions that yield a measurable positive impact.

We do not simply sell trending technology; we enhance business operations through the improved unification of people, processes, and technology.