Proper Security Measures

Secure Your Business With TechCentric.

With TechCentric on your side, you can rest easy knowing your data, network, and hardware are secure.  We implement strategies and procedures based on federal NIST and CMMC standards, ensuring that you get the best security.  We also teach your team to identify and react to cyber-attacks as they happen.

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Security that Protects You

We are constantly learning and evolving our cybersecurity practices, to ensure your protection,

As better and better practices are developed, we keep ourselves in the loop to protect your business.  We actively notify your team and update your protection, for the best and newest level of protection.

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Through years of providing cybersecurity services, we know the best strategies and services to protect you and your business.

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We inspect your current level of protection and develop a roadmap that outlines how you should update your practices: from having unique passwords to encrypted firewalls.

Become Certified ~ Certification Achievement

Certificate Achievement

We train your team to become certified in cybersecurity, so they can identify attacks and actively report and respond to said attacks.

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Incident Response

If an attack were to happen to your business, we will identify what happened and plan a better protections and practices to prevent further attacks.

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Protect Valuable Data

All important and valuable data will be protected using the highest standards outlined in NIST and CMMC, federal outlines for cybersecurity.  We also provide HIPPA-based cybersecurity practices.

Protect Sensitive Data
Feel Safe Sharing and Sending Documents

Security Assessments

Encrypted Infrastructures

Feel safe knowing that precious and vulnerable data can be shared along your network, because it is encrypted.  Your network will be a closed system, protected from those trying to get in.

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Teach Your Team

Knowledge is power.  Knowing when you are attacked allows you to properly respond to attacks and being able to develop the best response to when it happens.

Learn Safe and Smart Cybersecurity Practices
Identify Cyber Crime

Incident Response

Identify Cyber Attacks and Crime

Cyber-attacks do happen.  When they do, know the best procedures to respond to these attacks.  Be able to identify your defense’s shortcoming and patch the holes in your protection.