Communication and Collaboration

Reliable Voice and Video Communications

Communication and Collaboration

Reliable Voice and Video Communications

Being able to clearly communicate throughout your business is an important skill in the modern world.  Augment and strengthen your ability using communication tools that let you reach those previously unreachable.

Using communication and collaboration tools, you can easily message others, send files, video chat, call others and reach those outside of an office.  Unified communications can be migrated to the cloud, so they are easily managed and controlled from a computer.  Each tool has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to focus on the tasks at hand, rather than figuring out how to use the tool.  Improve workplace productivity by clearly communicating between channels.  Scaling business operations properly, all our solutions meet and exceed the needs of any business.

Security is ever more important in today’s world, as more people head online.  Know that you and your team is always protected, no matter where they are, or where they sign-in.

Communicate Clear, When You’re Not There

Right Hardware

The choice of communication hardware matters.  We know what works, and works consistently.  We create video and voice solutions that result in better video quality and smooth and clear audio.

Better Networking

Communication solutions built with correct configurations and optimized network settings outperform those that are not.  We built it once and we build it right.  Don’t settle for anything less.

Stronger Security

Choose a provider that delivers compliancy grade quality.  We move beyond, “can you hear me now?”  Implementing communication solutions that are secure end-to-end to better protecting your privacy.

High Availability

Voice-Over-IP solutions are only as good as their availability.  We have years of experience in creating resilient solutions that offer failover and keep systems connected and operational.  The result makes 99% uptime a reality

IT Support


Easily reach every member of your team no matter where they are, sharing ideas from just about anywhere.

IT Support


Reach more people than ever before and calibrate your workforce with powerful online training technologies.
IT Support


Expand your reach.  Discover new talent quickly and build a better team ahead of your competitors.

Zoom: Video Conferences

As the world headed towards a more online world, several companies released products to meet the growing demand of communication tools.  Zoom is one of the best tools to come out on the market.  Zoom is a video-conferencing tool that can be used on mobile devices, or home desktops that is able to video chat, share screens, and communicate through an easy-to-use interface.  Zoom is scalable, being able to host, one-on-one video chat to live-webinars with thousands of guests.

With Zoom you can:

  • Video Chat
  • Share Screens
  • Communicate with Several People
  • Invite Others via Email
  • Plan Meetings and Save to Calendar
  • Control Speakers and others in the call

Teams: Collaboration Tool

Microsoft Teams is the hub for team-based communication and collaborations integrating your employees, content, and tools all in one place.  With Teams, you unite all aspects of collaboration to promote a more engaged and effective work cycle.  Teams works as a desktop and mobile application that can be connected across devices for seamless workflow.

The Benefits of Teams include:

  • Organize Projects and Resources
  • Plan Meetings and Set Scheduling
  • Easily Screen and File Sharing
  • Record Meetings

Skype: Free Communication Tools

Communication tool are becoming more and more important as organizations move to a remote environment.  Using Skype, we can easily install a powerful communication tool that unite your business like never before.  Skype has a free version that you can use to test your business communication needs.

Skype can:

  • Video Chat
  • Share Screens
  • Communicate with Several People
  • Invite Others via Email
  • Directly Message Others
  • Call Others